Multiplex Avião FunCub XL


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Multiplex Avião FunCub XL

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  • Multiplex FunCub XL

    • Highly pre-fabricated kit
    • Pre-cut decal sheet
    • Many supplementary functions raise the fun factor to amazing heights
    • Extremely precise, mature flying characteristics
    • Offset landing flaps for steep descents and short take-off capability
    • Huge, soft wheels provide off-road ability
    • ""M-frame technology"" ensures a robust fuselage
    • Strong, lightweight carbon tubes in the wings
    • Low minimum flying speed
    • Suitable for aero-towing gliders (e.g. HERON-size)
    • Separate wing panels for ease of transport
    • Potent power set (# 33 2610) available

    Set Contents:
    Moulded ELAPOR® components for fuselage, wings, tail panels, cowl and canopy, also load bay. Tubular CFRP wing spars, laser-cut plywood fuselage parts, aluminium undercarriage unit, two soft wheels, plastic spinner, 5 mm Ø propeller driver, aero-tow release. All small plastic parts and linkage components required, pre-cut decal sheet and comprehensive instructions.

    Wingspan: 1700 mm
    Overall length: 1200 mm
    All-up weight: 2850 g
    Control channels: 7- 10
    RC functions: Rudder, elevator, ailerons, landing flaps, throttle optional aero-tow release, optional load bay, optional navigation lights and landing light
    Flight time: approx. 6 min. (6S ~3300Ah)

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