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ZAP Zap-A-Gap-A-Goo II


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ZAP Zap-A-Gap-A-Goo II

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  • ZAP Zap-A-Gap-A-Goo II


    ZAP Zap-A-Gap-A-Goo II is a strong and flexible adhesive/sealer. It is capable of bonding almost anything. ZAP-A-Gap-A-Goo is an excellent adhesive for today"s high tech composite airplane, boat, and car hobby products, and great for all of those fix-it, mend-it, seal-it, and stick-it jobs around the house. Bonds can be cut with a razor knife.

    • All purpose adhesive & sealant
    • Bonds virtually everything
    • Dries clear
    • Remains flexible
    • Works where other glues won"t