Flysky Rádio FS-I6 6CH 2.4GHz


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Flysky Rádio FS-I6 6CH 2.4GHz

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  • EMax Flysky FS-I6 6CH 2.4GHz Transmitter And Receiver (TX+RX Set)

    Rádio de 6 canais mais receptor com 20 memórias

    Transmitter Description:
    Item Name: FS-i6 transmitter
    Channel: 6
    Model Type: fixed wing/helicopter/glider
    RF Range: 2.405 - 2.475GHz
    Bandwidth: 500khz
    RF Power: less than 20dBm
    RF mode: AFHDS 2A
    Modulation type: GFSK
    Channel resolution: 1024 steps
    Low voltage warning: less than 4.2v
    ANT length: 26 x 2mm( dual antenna)
    Weight: 392g
    Battery: 6v 1.5AA x 4(not included)e
    Size: 174 x 89 x 190 mm
    Color: black
    Certificate: CE ,FCC
    Model Memories: 20
    Channel Order: Aileron-CH1, Elevator-CH2, Throttle-CH3, Rudder-CH4,Ch 5 & 6 open to assignment to other functions.

    Receiver specification:
    Channel: 6
    Model type: fixed wing/helicopter/glider
    RF receiver sensitivity: -105dBm
    Modulation: GFSK
    System type: AFHDS2A/AFHDS
    Channel resolution: 1024 steps
    Bind port: yes
    Power port: yes( VCC)
    Power: 4V -6.5V DC
    Weight: 6.4g
    Antenna lenght: 26mm
    Size: 40.4 x 21.1 x 7.35 mm
    Certificate: CE ,FCC

    Package Included:
    1 x FS-i6 transmitter
    1 x FS-iA6 Receiver
    1 x Manual