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Evolution Engines Motor Avião Gasolina 15CC Evolution


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Evolution Engines Motor Avião Gasolina 15CC Evolution

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  • Evolution Engines Motor Avião Gasolina 15CC Evolution


    Since the release of the small block 10GX series Evolution, numerous aeromodelistas discovered the benefits of using gasoline .40 size models previously dominated by engine glow. But what the pilots who enjoy even greater aircraft engines in the range 0.61 to 0.91?

    Bring ease of operation and efficiency of a gasoline engine for your sport flying experience with the engine 15GX Evolution. It was designed with a standard amount and size that allows you to fit it in any model made to glow engine installation 0.61 - 0.91 cu. in. The 15GX will bring new life to models designed for glow engines. It is an extremely lightweight motor, with the ignition system and the battery. What puts the 15GX apart from their counterparts nitro-fed is its phenomenal fuel efficiency. You will consume 30% of the amount of fuel that would be used with a glow engine of comparable size and so will decrease by 90% your flight cost.

    Lightweight construction based on the engine glow 91NX Evolution
    Simplicity and low operating costs
    Exceptional power and performance for demanding riders
    light ignition and compatible with 2S LiPo batteries without regulator. It offers longer flight time
    System reliable power and easy fuel adjustment
    Installation equal to glow engine of any type with the same amount of facilitating the conversion to gasoline engine


    - Displacement: 0.91 cu. in. (15.00 cc)
    - Type: 2 stroke engine petrol with ring
    - Diameter piston: 09.01 in (27.8mm)
    - Course: 0.98 in (24.9mm)
    - Sailing: 1 / 4-32
    - Total weight: 883 g
    - only motor weight: 608 g
    - Muffle weight: 175 g
    - Weight of ignition: 100 g
    - shaft thread: 5 / 16-24
    - Benchmark thruster: 14 x 6 @ 10400 rpm
    - helix Range: 13 x 7 15 x 6
    - RPM range: 1600-13000 rpm
    - Fuel: gasoline with 87-91 octane
    - Oil: Synthetic in the proportion of 1 part per 20 parts gasoline